I Support the Black Community, but I Will Never Support ‘Black Lives Matter’

As a white kid, I grew up with a diverse array of friends. Born in 1981, I am technically an old millenial. By the time I reached elementary school, public education in America had already been inundated with a liberal bias. The education of my youth was characterized by a push for greater equality and inclusion in the decades following the Civil Rights movement of the 1960s. Even in the blue collar schools which I attended, Black History Month was a prominent feature of the cirriculum. We learned from an early age about the atrocity of slavery and the many Black heroes that fought for their freedom during the Civil War and the Black leaders of the Civil Rights movement. We learned that Martin Luther King was not only a man to be admired, but his vision was one of unity, peace and understanding. Is was of an America in which we could all prosper together, regardless of skin color. It was also an America where we shared similar values and held certain truths to be sacred.

Where I grew up, the vast majority of the kids were ‘working class’ regardless of race and there were a few poor kids. The poor kids came in all colors. There were poor white, country kids who lived in trailers, the Black kids from the Black side of town and Puerto Ricans. Although my family often struggled financially, we were a class up, the working class. Which really meant that my parents lived paycheck to paycheck. But we had just a bit more than the truly poor families and enough education and integrity to know that we were slightly better off and destined to move up the socio-economic ladder through hard-work, grit and perseverance. Because we were all more or less in the same economic class regardless of race, many of us were friends. Having become obsessed with both football and basketball by time I was eight, I spent even more time with Black and Brown kids than I normally would have in the classroom. But just as in the classroom, when it came to sports, we for the most part got along. Although there was some animosity and occasional fighting, it was quickly deescalated by the sports we loved to play. At the end of the day, each of us often went home to empty households because our parents were working a second shift or were picked up after practice in old, broken-down cars driven by parents that were overworked, underpaid and overstressed.

Because of my experiences as a child, I’ve always found it easier to get along with either white people who grew up like myself or Black, Brown and Asian kids that grew up in a similar way. However, as I’ve matured, become prosperous and more educated about life, I’ve also come to form great friendships with people that came from money. The one thing I’ve found to be consistently true is that there are good and bad people from all walks of life. There are good White people and classless white people and the same is true for Black, Brown and Asian folks. There are wealthy people that do great things and contribute immensly to sociey and those that are evil. There are poor and working class people that are the most good-natured, hard-working and ‘salt of the earth’ types of characters and then there are the poor that the most violent and murderous thugs that one could imagine. At the end of the day, we are a nation of individuals and just as MLK championed, we should judge others not by the color of their skin, but by their individual character.

Fast forward to 2020 and it feels like all of the genuine racial progress that has been made in America since the Civil Rights movement has suddenly been nullified and replaced by a false narrative that America is a nation that espouses hate, racism and fosters a system of White supremacy. We are suddenly told by the media, the politicians, celebrities and even professional athletes that this truly is a terrible country and everything that is wrong with the world can be attributed to America. Because America symbolizes White supremacy, it is also argued that Western society as a whole is a system built upon oppression. The world is merely a group of White people that oppresses those that are not White. This new wave of progressivism or woke culture insists that everything about the system is rotten to the core and must be burned down and replaced by a new order based on a haphazard morality. This is exactly the type of messaging being conveyed by organizations like ‘Black Lives Matter’.

So no, I don’t support Black Lives Matter. I said it, so go ahead and cancel me, dox me and seek to have me fired from my job. Call me a racist or bigot rather than having an actual discussion. Why don’t I support Black Lives Matter? Obviously, it is because I am a brutal, racist White guy that just cannot bear to accept demographic changes within American society! Alternatively, maybe because the message of BLM is entirely antithetical to that of Martin Luther King. It is not the message of unity that I learned as a child, the same messsage which led to the election of Obama in 2008. I fully support the Black community, but the organization, which calls itself ‘Black Lives Matter’, has only an agenda to divide us and ultimately tear at the fabric of American society. It’s a decrepit enterprize and rooted in neo-Marxist ideology. Black Lives Matter is in reality a branch of the larger movement of far-left Progressivism or what some might refer to as a ‘woke Progressivism’. The goal of BLM, just as the same for the larger Progressive agenda, is to eradicate not only American culture, but all forms of open, liberal democracy. Lebron James is a brilliant basketball player, but entirely ignorant when it comes to politics. He should be applauded for his philantrophy and illuminating issues within the Black community, but do people like Lebron truly understand what organizations like Black Lives Matter actually stand for?

BLM argues that that ‘political discourse’ and open democratic society, based on Constitutionalism and a set of individual rights, are merely attributes of White Supremacy. According to BLM and the woke Progressive agenda as a whole, these ideas and principles are only enjoyed by Whites. Thus, the narrative has suddenly gravitated towards the idea that concepts, such as democracy, liberalism, free speech and the Socratic methodology can now be tied to White supremacy. To take it one step further, hard work, personal responsibility, delayed gratification and entrepreneurship, all of which are values that have drasically improved the lives of millions of Americans, including Black Americans, can simply now be deemed tenets of White culture. For the underwriters of BLM, the entire system must be decimated and replaced with that? It seems that such a path will only lead towards authoritarianism, corporate fascism and an even deeper income inequality between Whites and non-Whites. And isn’t such a perspective insulting to people of color, including Black Americans? Doesn’t such an ideological framework abet racism by implicitly implying that that only White people are capable of self-improvement, hard-work and industry? What kind of demoralizing message does such a perspective send to young people of color?

To take this one step further, let’s look at the policy agenda being pushed by Black Lives Matter in the aftermath of George Floyd in comparison to what would actually benefit the Black community and all other marginalized groups. First, organizations, such as BLM really have no sound policy solutions, mainly because actual progress would be bad for their bottom line. Their purpose is to rake in vast amounts of monetary donations and consolidate power, which is really no different than the Democratic Party at this point in 2020. A strong, educated, entrepreneurial-based and prosperous Black community would actually mean that organizations, such as BLM couldn't exist nor would polarizing figures like Al Sharpton remain relative. The Democratic party’s entire pitch to the Black community in 2020 is, “the GOP is racist and they are holding you down! So you have no choice but to vote for us and if you don’t, well then, you ain’t really Black!” Organizations like BLM further aggravate such a myopic mindset by pushing policies that actually hurt the Black community, such as defunding the police. When it comes to police reform in relation to the Black community, what we really need is a pragmatic approach that employs ideas from both the political Left and Right. The main problem with police departments around the country is that there is little accounability for rogue cops and it’s very difficult to fire them. This is mainly because of powerful police unions that in turn throw their political support behind Democratic mayors and city council members.

Rather than abolishing police departments, we need to scrap police unions, make it very easy to fire bad cops, pay police officers more and spend more on descalation training. The other reality is that most of the Black community in the inner-cities of America want the police there because they realize that some level of law and order is necessary to maintian order and to conduct business. With a better trained and paid police force, a healthy coaltion could be fostered between local police departments and the Black community. In turn, a thriving entrepreneurial culture would more likely flourish in Black neighborhoods, which would better the lives and situation of almost everyone in that community. Unfortunately, the Progressive agenda, including BLM, have no interest in working within the system and if you dare question their narrative, you are immediately shut down and labeled a racist, bigot or perpetrator of White supremacy. Consequently, instead of pragmatic policy that would actually help marginalized groups, we get a constant stream of viture signaling, demogogury and manipulation. Young people of color are no longer taught about the Black heros of the past that risked their lives for a better future, but instead indoctrinated in our public educational systems from an early age and told that America is inherently evil, racist, bigoted and no matter how hard you work, you will never get ahead.

Don’t consture what I am saying. I am more than willing to listen and White people should listen and be open to the issues plaguing the Black community. But I am not going to merely ‘shut up and listen’ and repeat without thinking. I have my own life experiences and thus, I have opinions and thoughts on particular socioeconomic problems that continue to wreck havoc on American communities. After all, if we are all in this together, then we need to work as a community to truly achieve progress. However, I refuse to give into the authoritarian nature of BLM and the overclass of woke Progressivism. I don’t think America is a terrible country and a nation founded on the practice of slavery. We have a tainted past and we should all be well-versed in American history. But the truth is that America is a great country and we have done more good in this world than harm. Regardless of race, we are a nation of truly remarkable individuals that have left their mark on America and the world. The message being pushed by the organization, which calls itself ‘Black Lives Matter’ is not intended to foster a bridge between the Black community and the White community. It is not a message of unity, but one that presses for futher division in lue of political power. There can be no bridge between the two sides if there is no room for genuine political discussion and candor. Instead, it is ‘shut up and listen’ and ‘repeat and don’t question’. More often than not, the White progressives that buy into this sort of Cultural Maoism are mostly from the solid middle class or upper middle class. But what about the rest of white folks that are from the lower-middle class and the lower class?

The truth is that we are a nation founded on a certain set of principles and ideals that we did not live up to for a majority of our history. However, we have continuously been striving to fulfill those high expectations put forth by the Declaration of Independence. There are obviously issues that remain, but to act as if we have not made progress or pretend that America in 2020 is essentially the same as America in 1960 is delusional. For the ideologues of this Neo-Marxist movement, including those that run organizations, such as Black Lives Matter, they are perfectly aware of what they are doing. As trained neo-Marxist the goal is simple. They want to divide us along racial and political lines. And I can completely understand why someone would disdain Trump. But is it really Trump that is dividing Americans? Is it his administration that seeks to keep us locked in our homes for the next two years, to indefinitely close all schools and push for inane policies, such as abolishing the police? Personally, I am not in love with the GOP and I am fairly liberal, but when are we going to wake up as a nation and courageously stand up to authoritarian and illiberal organizations like Black Lives Matter?

A web manager by day and inspiring writer at night. James raps about politics, web design, culture, sports and the many nuances of life.

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