Why All the Hatred for America?

Today’s brand of Progressivism doesn’t seem very progressive at all. When did this switch occur that it’s not enough to castigate American society, but instead we must now pretend that America is an evil country and represents everything that is wrong with the world? Why wouldn’t you love America? It’s a great country despite its tainted past and persistent problems. Hating America is tantamount to hating life. So if you hate this country, maybe you just have deficiencies, regrets and issues that have gone resolved. It could be that you’ve fallen into the deep abyss of woke ideology. You might not even whole heartedly believe in the things you preach. But you will remain faithful to irrational ideas because doing so grants acceptance into certain groups. As society becomes more detached from one generation to the next and we drift further away from God, the church of ‘woke Progressivism’ fills that empty void. But where does this radical Progressive movement end and what will it accomplish? The goal is obvious. There are those that seek to undermine liberal democracy, individualism, Christianity and ultimately Western civilization. Why? If we tear down the system, what will we replace it with? A society which prohibits dissent and demands strict conformity in all facets of life? What will happen to comedy in such a world and what is life without comedy?

I am a White guy, so maybe it’s easier for me to say these things. But there are a lot Black folks that prosper in the country as well. Some of the Black population is held back by systemic racism, but some of it is because of their own complexes. And before you label me as a racist, you can make the same argument about poor Whites. Some poor Whites are held back by the side effects of capitalism, while others are handicapped by bad decisions and a lack of discipline. Don’t get me wrong. There are still instances of racism and systemic racism in America. Income inequality is another glaring issue. We need genuine leaders from the Left and organized protests with a legitimate message are healthy for democratic society. But are all White people really privileged? To some extent we are all priviledged to live in the developed world. Even if you are poor in America, you still have chance. That is not to say that we should forget the atrocities of the past. But pretending that 2020 America is anything remotely like 1960 America in terms of race relations is absurd.

Let’s say that half of White people are privileged or ‘lily-white’. What about the other half? What about a white kid whose parents or parent live paycheck to paycheck and has a brother hooked on heroin? Maybe that same kid works at Walmart and takes classes at the local community college. Is he privileged? It helps at times being White. I won’t deny that. But are you going to categorize that same kid with the white kids that grow up in the wealthy suburbs and attend the top schools in America? Are you going to scream in his face and call him a racist because he correctly recognizes that the Black Lives Matter Organization is a fascist wing of the radical Left? And what about that same White kid that educates himself, embraces self-improvement and moves into the American middle class by the time he is forty? Is he privileged? He certainly is by global standards being that America is one of a few places in the world that allows anyone, regardless of skin color or socioeconomic status to move up in the world. You might have to work your ass off to get to that place, but it can be done.

History is a great tool because when we truly understand it, we are more equipped to prevent those same horrific acts from reoccuring in the future. As far as tearing down statues, what is that really going to achieve? Are we naive enough to believe that we can create a better future by destroying the past? Are we are really supposed to put Columbus and Washington in the same category as Hitler? Or maybe those that hold real power within the Progressive movement aren’t ingenuous at all. It is likely they know full well what they are doing. They understand that in order to construct their Orwellian world, they must destroy the past, control the present and the future is theirs. They are well endowed with the intellectual tools to tear apart America’s fabric at the seams. After all, they attended the best schools and universities their whole lives. But why go that route? If you are a person of color, I guess you could cast me off as just another cracker that seeks to whitesplain. However, is that what I am really doing or is it that I am just looking at this from a rational perspective? And should it matter that I am White?

We are not going to create a more just society by appealing to the angry tyrant that wrecks havoc in the collective human pyche. As an individual, you are not going to better your situation in this world by submitting to victim culture. It is easy to be a victim and blame others, but it is takes real courage to overcome the obstacles of life. Yes, America has plenty of problems, but this is still a great country. And if you are a White person burdened by White guilt, you aren’t helping people of color by constantly reminding them that they are merely victims of an oppressive system. If you want to make the world a better place, then treat everyone the same regardless of their skin color rather than patronizing those whom you subconsciously deem as inferior. There are good and bad people of all races, ethnicities and walks of life. And here is another dose of reality. Everyone is a little bit racist, sexist and/or homophobic. One group is not more virtuous than the other. We should hold the same expectations for everyone and judge each person on an individual basis.

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