Why are We Committing Cultural Suicide?

What went wrong along the way with this great experiment we call America? Covid-19 has revealed an ugly truth. There is an insidious ideology that has become woven into the fabric of American life. It threatens to cripple the American experiment and all of Western civilization. It is an insane march towards cultural suicide. The Coronavirus pandemic has gifted this movement with the ideal conditions to see this self-destruction come to fruition. This covert operation has been festering in the backburners of Western society for decades and the Covid-19 fiasco has created the perfect storm. We are six months into the ‘lockdown’ and we are witnessing society unravel before our eyes. I understand if I sound hysterical, but I am not. I am calm, collected and prepared. This isn’t apocolytic as portrayed in the movies, but there is an element of our society and culture that is being murdered in plain sight. Of course, society will exist even if this movement is to prevail, but it will be a dire world for our children and our grandchildren. We are quickly losing our ability to be human. We are capitulating to those nefarious actors that seek to divide us along racial and tribal lines.

For the underwriters of this movement, the values that bind our society together must be erased and replaced with the doctrine of identitarianism. We can think of identitarianism or what some might refer to as ‘identity politics’, as the new religion. This religion has little tolerance for individualism, dissent or constitutional government. It demands conformity of the mind, heart and even one’s outwardly presence. It’s agenda is to strip us of our humanity as it is entirely anti-human. They cleverly speak of ‘compassion’ and ‘equality’, but these are merely tools to control the masses. This new ‘Prince’ is a perversion of Machiavelli. For this new Prince, virtue is nothing more than to control and to do so by any means necessary. The means always justify the end because for this Orwellian overclass, they are the moral authority. Value for this Prince is to preach progress, but in practice actually prevent it as progress would be bad for their ‘political bottom line’. The intellectual foundation or the bible of this movement can be summarized by ‘critical race theory’. The intelligentsia who espouse this theory claim to be working in the interest of marginalized groups, but in reality they have no intention in helping the marginalized. For the new Prince, power is obtained through division and ignorance.

This immiment danger derives from the far political left or the Progressive Left. But to understand it, one must divorce himself from the traditional thought paradigm of liberal versus conservative or Democratic versus Republican. To say this stems from the far left doesn’t mean that all individuals who identify as progressive are to be blamed. Many of them are simply ‘useful idiots’ that have fallen into the abyss of this cancerous ideology. I use the word cancerous because it is an ideology that is literally devouring our humanity and sanity. This phenomenon cannot be reduced to a political party, politician or group of politicans. It is a malignant coalition of ideas, actors and policies that has invaded virtually every institution within the space of civil society. It is overly nuanced and difficult to comprehend. It is a state of mind rooted in the collective conscious of those that possess a deep-seated hatred for the West. For those that despise God, individual liberties, the family, comedy, banter, romance, masculinity and femininity. It is driven by those who are drowning in resentment for their own nation. Many of these individuals are quite wealthy. The vast majority are least upper middle class and attended reputable universities. This resentment certainly doesn’t derive from material poverty, but it is more of a depravity of the soul. It is a pernicious plague that has blighted Western Civilization. The only antibody to fight this disease is rationalism.

What can we do to fight back?

First, we need to face our cowardice. We need to stop bowing down to the angry mob. Of course, it is easier to cower than to face reality. I am guilty of this as well. There can be consequences to dissent. We could lose our jobs, friends, antagonize family members and even risk physical harm. Most of us prefer to avoid confrontation. We have children, spouses and parents to care for. We have mortgages, debt to pay off and homes to remodel. It is easier to simply remain on the sidelines and caste off politics as some abstract idea. But this is more than politics. It is our way of life. Everything that has been accomplished through the blood, sweat and tears of past generations is under threat.

Second, we need to open our schools, our economy, social establishments and places of worships immediately. I do believe the Coronavirus is a real virus and likely somewhat more lethal than the flu. But the consequences of remaining locked down dwarf the consequences of reopening immediately. There will be a spike in hospitalizations and deaths due to Covid-19 if we return to normalcy, but that is a sacrifice we must make. We must understand that this nefarious movement has been waiting for years, if not decades for a black swan event like Covid-19. For them, Covid is just a means to an end and it is proving for them to serve as a convenient mechanism to implement their policies and depraved culture. If we fail to push to reopen immediately, the ‘new normal’ will be much more than masks, face sheilds and hand sanitizers. It will be a world in which we can longer dissent. A society where those that act in self-defense suddenly find themselves imprisoned simply for being on the wrong side of the political spectrum. We are in grave danger of raising an entire generation of young children online.

Third, at least for the short-term, we should strongly consider voting straight Republican ticket at all levels of government. Remember that local and state government is just as important if not more so than the federal government when it comes impacting our lives. Some of you reading this may already vote Republican. But for others like myself, this could be a hard pill to swallow. Personally, I’ve been a registered Democratic my entire life and I have never voted for a Republican. I voted for Bernie in 2016 before I realized that he is indeed a fraud. I voted for Obama twice. Am I in love with the GOP and Trumpism? Absolutely not, but the reality is that we have a two-party system. There are certainly issues with the GOP and American Conservatism. But are Republicans the ones turning a blind eye to acts of censorship? Is it Republicans that support the teachers unions and corrupted school districts that are indoctrinating our children with Marxist ideology? Are conservatives destroying comedy, romance and banter with cancel culture? Is it Republican governors and members of congress that are politicizing Covid-19 as a means to lock down society for another two or three years? Is it conservatives that are tearing down statues and rewriting history? There are undoubtedly issues with the political Right, but the political Left has become ‘unhinged’. It’s time we wake up before it’s too late.

A web manager by day and inspiring writer at night. James raps about politics, web design, culture, sports and the many nuances of life.

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