You Can Wait in Line at Ikea, but You Can’t GoVote in Person?

I was dragged to Ikea the other day by my wife. Because Ikea is one of the few places open in California, the parking lot as well as inside the store was literally a zoo. Like many places now, they were only letting in a certain number of customers at a time. We live in Sacramento, which means it’s about 170 degrees with not a cloud in the sky during the month of August. So we waited laboriously in line and tolerated the sweltering heat for thirty minutes before making it inside. Air conditioning is a wonderful invention. We easily spent two hours sitting on sofas, letting our two-year-old destroy unpurchased merchandize and thinking of ways to cleverly redesign our kitchen. And what about social distancing? Nah. There was definitely none of that, but everyone was wearing a mask, so I guess that made it safe! It was bumper to bumper inside Ikea that day with every walk of life imaginable gathered under one roof. If you truly want to witness the ‘great melting pot’, just visit your local Ikea on a Saturday afternoon.

Later that day, I started hearing on the news that Trump was planning to steal the election by defunding the post office. Implicit in this argument is that we are now all suppossed to vote by mail this November over concerns of the Coronvirus. It used to be that a small percentage of voters sent in absentee ballots and everyone else simply voted in person during the early voting period or on election day. But now the US Postal Service should suddenly be entrusted to ensure that 140 million Americans can securely vote by mail at once. Then I remembered my trip to Ikea and the many excursions to Home Depot and Target during the Pandemic that is now going on six months. Why is it that nobody has a problem with thousands of people being cramped inside big box shopping stores like Ikea and Target, but we couldn't dare expect anyone to vote in person? So you are telling me that your fat ass can wait in line for twenty minutes at Walmart with a bunch of other fat asses, but you can’t go vote in person?

Speaking of large-chain stores, I read in the paper today that Target just reported a record-setting second quarter in profits. Target, Ikea, Walmart, Home Depot, Safeway……All these large corporate chains are raking in massive profits while millions of small businesses around the country have been forced to shut down. Where are the protests? Where is the outrage? I thought the political Left was supposed to be sticking up for the little guy? Ah, I forgot, the new political Left denounces entrepreneurship, self-agency and individualism. But if you are willing to join the union of intersectional transgender identity politics, then they got yo back!

And how long we are going to remain locked down? It’s not like the Coronavirus is going to simply dissapear. After all, it is a virus. It could just become a permanent fixture of the epidemiological landscape like the annual flu. It’s likely going to be at least another year before they get a legitimate vaccine. And even then, are they going to produce 7 billion vaccines out of thin air, let alone 330 million. The flu vaccine is roughly only 40 percent effective. Why would a Covid-19 Vaccine be any different? The flu also mutates. Couldn’t we expect the same of the Coronavirus?

When did the Democratic party become so utterly useless? When did the political Left cease being pragmatically liberal and morph into a full embracement of stupidity? How much longer are we going to pretend that the far Left or woke Left is just a fringe movement? ‘Wokeness’ is far from the fringe. It is a precarious ideology that has cleverly evolved into the mainstream.

For the next three months, we going to be bombarded with this from the Left and their lackeys, also known as the mainstream media……Vote for the Democrats because Orangeman bad!!! Joe Biden has dimentia. Hey, that’s ok. He isn’t Trump and we all know that Scrappy Joe is an honest guy. He’s so principled that he choose Kamala Harris, who might the most morally bankrupt American politician, as his VP. But because the media is so agonizingly lame and kind of fake at this point, we are going to be peppered with constant reminders of her pugnacity, courage and charisma. Poor Kamala. It must of been tough growing up in Berkely and being the daughter of university professsors and attending the best schools her entire life. Somehow she found a way to overcome her upper-middle class upbringing and now she is in the fight of her life against that brutal racist in the White House!

Why does the Black community keep supporting the Democratic Party? GOP candidates on average only get about 10% of the Black vote. But if the Black community really wanted real political power, wouldn’t they be better off suddenly voting for the GOP in mass numbers? What would happen in such a parallel universe? First, the two parties would be in fierce competition for the Black vote and competition often breeds the best results. More importantly, instead of bamboozling and hustling working-class Blacks, the Democrats would actually have to work for the Black community. Call me crazy, but it seems that the American Left actually wants the Black community to be dependent on the government. I know, I know. This is a right-wing talking point. But why does it have to only be a right-wing talking point? Why can’t it be a ‘common sense’ talking point? And why is that when a Black American declares him or herself a conservative, that same person is met with a blizzard of name-calling? Most of that defamation comes from white progressives. The same white progressives are more than willing to stick a Black Lives Matter sign in their front yard, but if a Black person has the audacity to deviate from the woke narrative, he or she is immediately labeled an ‘Uncle Tom’ by that same White progressive. It seems that the Democratic party is more interested in keeping the Black community paranoid and angry rather than improving Black lives.

I hate chastising the Democrats and Progressives because my candor can now be dismissed as merely far-right talking points. Of course nobody will believe me, but the truth is that I’ve been a lifetime Democrat and I remain committed to several liberal causes. But I also acknowledge that there a few conservative ideas that are not only really good ideas, but vital to the sustainability of our nation. One of those is the concept of ‘personal responsibility’. But I was told recently in my mandatory ‘anti-racism’ training, kindly administered by my employer, that ideas like ‘personal responsibility’ are actually just attributes of white supremacy. Hmmmm. Interesting…So only White people can practice personal responsibility? But isn’t it kind of racist to make that argument? The guy performing the training, and by training I mean him telling us that we were all racist and participates in White supremacy for two hours, was actually Black. So can only White people be racist?

Do you ever get the feeling that many of these White, woke Progressives are actually closet White supremacists? My hypothesis is that because they view themselves as superior, they assume that the only logical solution to alleviating economic and racial inequality is to triple the size of the federal government and send everyone checks. Forget about hard-work and personal agency. Those are just archaic ideas that support the system and we all know the system is inherently evil, rotten and racist, which is why we need to tear everything down! And replace it with what? A bunch of dour and joyless White progressive types running the show? Sprinkle in the AOCs and Illan Omars of the world to truly form a dynamic and amazing coalition of the most brilliant minds! We will only be truly equal when all the chicks have mustaches and flat asses and everyone agrees to wear an olive green uniform! Comrades unite!

Are we really going to allow this perverted ideology to drive us off the inevitable cliff it is steering us towards? And by the time we ‘wake up’, will it be too late to recover from such a descent? Let’s not get carried away, this is still five or ten years down the road, but how will we invoke the great awakening against this insanity if they’ve already stripped us of our freedom of speech and the right to bear arms? Oh dammit, I sound like a far-right White guy again! Personally, I don’t care much for guns, but I’d rather have a government that’s a little scared of the people as opposed to the people being at the mercy of an authoritarian regime. And what exactly is the definition of hate speech going to be in five years if we continue down this egregious path towards cultural suicide? Is hate speech going to simply be one disagreeing with another over something as innocuous as the tax code? Okay, now I really sound like a right-wing nut, but do I? Or is it that the Political Left has become so unhinged that the absurdity of it all is quite difficult to fathom?

Why are kids being dragged into this mess? All public and private schools should be open. Although infection rates and deaths related to Covid would likely increase, the consequences of keeping the schools closed for a couple of years will be devastating to our youth and the long-term effects on our society would likely be exorbitant compared to the manageable uptick in Covid related deaths in the short-term. There is a gross body of research indicating that the window of oppurtunity for children to acquire fundamental socialization skills is from the ages of two to five. And even for ages beyond that, children need to be with their peers. Twelve-year-olds need to experience the brutality of life when one reaches junior high school. How else are they going to develop thick skin? The world can be a tough place once you become an adult and leave the nest. How can we expect the children of today to cope with the nuances of adulthood twenty years from now if we keep them glued to the screens of iPads for next two or three years?

The same should hold true for college kids. Open up the univerties. Let the young people take classes. Let them have indulge in drunkenness and irresponsibility. And if they are going to be forced to take classes online, it seems almost criminal to charge them the same tuition for a second-rate education. Suddenly kids at Yale are paying $50,000 a year for distance learning?

I onced live in Washington DC for nearly six years. I moved there in 2011. At the time, I was still a committed Leftist, but it was then that I began my transformation. It didn't happen overnight and it’s been a gradual process. Living there had a profound impact on my ontological understanding of the world. The hubris of the Progressive Left is appalling. I witnessed it first-hand living there. If you want to meet some of the most narcissistic, uptight and self-interested individuals imaginable, get invited to a dinner party in Washington DC. The same can be said for places like San Francisco, Silicon Valley and other progressive enclaves scattered throughout the United States.

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